SONG - 1,000 Miles from Nowhere by Augusta Lee Collins


"The legendary Bay Area drumming Augusta Lee Collins sharing his Blues with us as guitarist and singer." -Status Hat Music Magazine

"Oakland Troubadour Sings Blues and More...he reinvented himself as a singer-songwriter...Blues constitute only a part of the repertoire..." -The Oakland Post

"...On this album, I am channeling Leadbelly." -San Francisco Bay View

"The album gives you a taste of each direction Collins can take his talents.  He even touches the genre of folk music by using his pure vocal ability and an acoustic guitar." -Oakland Local

"Outstanding...and I mean can feel the textures of the music..." -Award-winning visual Artist Alan Laird
"The album is a heart to heart in which he plays his musical master pieces in the studio with no synthesizers and he talks about stories behind the music." --East Bay Loop

"Great stories behind the songs." -Emmy-winning Producer Anita Woodley
"Augusta Collins:  Blending Life With Music..." -Synchronized Chaos
"I love listening to you man..." -J. Bekwith 
"Bay Area Blues legend Collins' music inspires others...Unbidied strength and comes from Mr. Augusta Lee Collins, renowned drummer and blues musiciain..." -Laney Tower

"Quite a stunning and huge sample of true and vivid compassion." -C. Logan

"Very sensual...What a voice!  Love it." -J. Savonyaud

"Augusta brings such passion, rhythm and style to every note he plays..." -M. Beardsley
"awe some solo my brother!!!  You just got the Blues in you man!!!  Augusta Lee Collins, I've never heard you until right now but consider me an instant fan, you guys sound awe some!!! -Galaxy

"Augusta, your vocals have a taste of Lenny Kravitz and your guitar style of Richie Havens...luv it man.!!! -Dave S.
"...I have the up most respect for your work and the blues.  I enjoy the live shows and songs that I looked up on YouTube...and by the way I love that song "A 1,000 Miles From NoWhere." -Elijah Kusel

"Thank you Augusta...You are amazing!!  And, I appreciate you deeply for the Love you spread continuously!!:)" -M. Forrester
"Augusta, just listened to your NPR was fine... My wife and I were thrilled to hear you at La Pena...a personal concert (Toney was absent)...doesn't get any better than that what a pleasure..." -J. Visser

"Great interview!!!  We really enjoyed it...Your guitar and vocals were also wonderful to listen to...GREAT JOB!!!" -E. Grandos

"Great interview!" -H. Peters

"Great stuff!" -P. Jahlove

"Augusta, Good interview." -M. Forte

"Great interview!!!!!!  We really enjoyed it...Your guitar and vocals were also wonderful to listen to...GREAT JOB!!!!!!" -E. Granados
"Great video and song,  Augusta." C. Yannaccone
"Thanks I loved your music and I become a fan!!  I am going to share with my friends!!!" -M. Lucena

"awesome Augusta!" -Y. Gonzales

"greatly enjoyed!...Your voice would blend brilliantly with Mavis Staples..." -R. Grubbs

"Listening now!  WOW, sexy, soulful, emotional!!!  Very nice.  Thank you Augusta!" -J.L. Mocarsky

"...An explosive soul-he carries the music in his fingertips..." -R. Ricketts
"Augusta Lee Collins is one of many his music, his sound and his message, still listening as he feels his way you every ounce of his musical soul and talent." -A. Nassir
"WOW!  You changed from trap set drummer to guitarist!" -J. Jang
"Re-issue..."Birth/Speed/Merging" (1976 album)...Your solo (drum solo performed by Augusta) on there is a classic!" -I. Ackamoor
"...I remember him...The best and most original creative music drummer in the bay area...then you totally remade yourself in terms of your brand and your presentation.  Its like a cat havin' two careers..." -R. Mwongozi

"Love that Blues that takes its time!  Great job...and great leap from behind the kit (drums)!  Way to go Augusta..." -E. Bond

"Yes, I remember the very super talented, bare foot jazz drummer." -H. White
"...We see the further instruments to his orchestra." -W. Garrett

"Good to see yah bro!  A tremendous talent.  You exude tremendous energy on stage bar none!" -A. Jacobs

"East Bay Blues singer-songwriter Augusta Lee Collins member of the Bay Area Blues of Fame.  He plays country Blues from the streets of Oakland and is quite a personality." -D. Modernbach
"A 1,000 Miles From NoWhere" is coo' song.  I like it.  It got grit some teeth to it.  Exactly what I expect from the Blues' I wanna hear.  If there's no emotion, no pain, if I can't see the smile behind the tears it ani't the Blues, baby!!!" -R. Silver
"A 1,000 Miles From NoWhere"...Very Nice!" -D. Brown

"It's very good." -D. Hawkins
"Nice...I like the beat...Soul and Blues mix" -P. Grant
"Very nice Augusta, great vocals!!!" -L. Ruhry

"..."A 1,000 Miles From NoWhere" was fantastic and I can tell your inside you music!" -K. Bricklen

"...Just checked out "A 1,000 Miles Form NoWhere" and it was tight!  Everybody can't roll with a 1/2 time rhythm like that and make it work." -D.G. Schultz

"Augusta Lee Collins blues gem "A 1,000 Miles From NoWhere" is featured in the music page issue of Status Hat's online magazine." -Status Hat Music Magazine
"I really like that your shows can be enjoyed by all ages." -Doris Peeler-Brown
"Great site, songs and vibe man!!  Keep on doin the do my friend!" -A. Harvey

"You are definitely "doing it."  Congrats" -A. Jacobs

"Great site, songs and vibe man!!  Keep on doin the do my friend!" -A. Harvey

"Mr. Augusta:  Beautiful music!  Keep on creating and sharing.  Much love and continued success.  God Bless you!" -T. Cruz

"You guys are doing great..." -D. James
"Your work speaks for it self, keep pushing cuz the world needs to hear and see you." -M. Melt

"What's wonderful about Augusta is he is so driven.  He performs with lot of energy and devotion.  He also knows how to use technology to his advantage.  He is very impressive.  Great sound, too!" -S. Golden
"Inspire by the soulful music of Augusta Lee Collins." -Wendy Campbell
  "...hats off to you sir!!!" -Frank Tebothibeaux

"Augusta brings such passion, rhythm and style to every note he plays..." -M. Beardsley

""The Blues" just drips off!  Like hot, sweaty life!  The best, Augusta Lee Collins." -S. Logan
"Hello Augusta dear...Keep on inspiring us with your wonderful tunes~God's gift is own it." -T. Morgan
"Hello Augusta, just love your blues, your style!  a huge fan from France..." -O. Quignon

"Outstanding...and I mean can feel the textures of the music..." -A. Laird

"I'm a thousand miles from nowhere, with my guitar in my hands-Love it!!!" -F. Williams

"Great stories behind the songs." -A.S. Woodley
"...I keep playing "A 1,000 Miles From NoWhere" real loud!! -Y. Johnson

"Nice...I like the beat...Soul and Blues mix." -P. Grant

"Congratulations it's a #1 song Augusta" -M. Dorsey
"...IT'S AWSOME!!!  Your story, your music-wonderful." -M. Taylor
"I like this...thank you." -P. Hampton
"A 1,000 Miles From NoWhere"...Very Nice!" -D. Brown
"This is HOT!  I feel ya!  DAMN!" -J. Mocarsky
"Sounds really good Augusta.  You've paid your dues in full." -T. Wysinger
"...I really enjoyed your CD." -R. Tauben
"...Your music is REAL..." -M. Taylor
"I love, love, love love my new CD.  I listen to it a whole lot!  You rock Augusta Lee!!! -LaLa
"..great tracks...emphasize the range versatility of Collins as both a vocalist and guitarist." -River News-Herald G. Kusic
"Listening now!  WOW, sexy, soulful, emotional!!!  Very nice.  Thank you Augusta!" -J.L. Mocarsky
"Love it!" -S. Golden
"Augusta, The Blues Man of the ages-he commands attention on stage...The CD is a must if you're a fan of the blues.  Augusta delivers the blues with a gusto unfound." -R. Ricketts
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